This Is The Epitome Of Job Satisfaction

Jan 16, 2015
Do you love your job? C'mon, be honest. How many people go to work and display true happiness while they're working? We found one person, at least, that seems to be the happiest worker on the planet. A cow mascot for the Mexican dairy brand Alpura gives more than 100% effort to a job at the supermarket.

Set to the song "Bailan Rochas Y Chetas" by Nene Malo, the cow twirls, dips, dances, grooves and shimmies for the camera -- slowing it down and picking up the pace as the beat changes. Some other internet videos show the cow dancing with employees, "breaking it down" behind a worker maintaining the cheese section and inspiring other people to join in. There's no denying it, this cow has got moooves.
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