This Is What Happens When You Put A Hummingbird In A Wind Tunnel

Apr 19, 2015
The hummingbird is a creature as fascinating as it is lively and beautiful. In order to fuel all that flapping, hummingbirds must consume their weight in nectar daily. For an average 150-pound human, that's like eating 300 hamburgers a day.

Despite their extremely light weight (generally less than a U.S. nickel, with some species even lighter than a penny), this video shows just how stable a hummingbird's flight is, regardless of adverse conditions. Just to compare, researchers asked professional pilots to fly drones in the same wind tunnels as the hummingbirds. Even at a third of the turbulence the hummingbirds faced, none of the pilots could even keep the drone airborne, let alone steady enough to feed from a narrow tube.
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