This Japanese Deer's Scream Is As Hilarious As It Is Bizarre

Jul 23, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Quick: What sound does a deer make? Chances are you probably don't know (I don't either so there's no shame in it), but whatever your best guess was I'm willing to bet it didn't come close to what you see in this video. This video was taken by Jason Doornick and posted by YouTuber Shapiro127, who were in Japan visiting the popular tourist destination of Nara when this deer approached them and made the most hilariously unearthly sound ever.

According to local legend, one of the four gods of the nearby Kasuga Shrine arrived on a white deer to build Heijo-kyo, the erstwhile capital city of Nara prefecture. As a result the local deer are considered sacred and are protected by the government. Local vendors sell deer-biscuits to tourists, who can feed the hundreds of tame Sika deer that wander around the area. Many of these deer are even known to bow if you bow to them, and some will just bow on their own (most likely to try to convince you to give them food).
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