This Little Beauty Queen Broke Into Her Mom's Makeup ... And Things Got Messy

Jan 15, 2016

For parents of young children, you can never truly rest until your kids are asleep. Putting them to bed in the first place can be quite the challenge; although some parents are a lot better at it than others. Maybe the most important rule of getting your children to sleep is to make sure they are actually asleep.

The mom featured in this video had to learn that lesson the hard way. She set her daughter down for an afternoon nap, but when she went back to check on her some time later, she walked in on quite the mess. Her supposingly sleeping daughter had gotten into her makeup collection. 

While this little girl is not the first child to play with her mother’s makeup, she certainly made a bigger mess with eyeliner than I ever thought was possible. The child played it off well though, admitting her mistake with a smile and an adorable personality. She’s so cute it’s almost impossible to be mad at her, but it’s safe to say she learned her lesson anyways.

Who knows, she may end up becoming a talented makeup artist. With a couple decades more experience, there’s no telling what she could pull off.

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