This Mommy Just Got Pregnant Again And Tells The World Britney-Spears Style

Jun 23, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Remember when a baby announcement was a simple piece of stationery? Yea, neither do we. Between epic scrap-book-style cards and ludicrous social media extravaganzas, the humble "we're having a baby!" has turned into almost as big a production as weddings are.

The latest craze seems to be the announcement video. Some are simple. Many are shared privately. But others are just so well-produced and beautifully sweet or epically funny that they need to be shared with the world. Musicians and YouTube personalities Jerrad and Machel Green pulled out all the stops with this announcement video, parodying not just one but five Britney Spears hits. This is one hilarious and adorable baby announcement.
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