This Orangutan Has A Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing Pregnant Woman's Belly

Jul 29, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Rajang is a 47-year-old male orangutan at the Colchester Zoo in England. While he's always been popular with visitors, it's what he did recently to a pregnant woman that's getting him global attention. Maisie Knight, 23, was visiting the zoo with her partner Jamie Clarke when they stopped by Rajang's enclosure. Maisie, who is 37 weeks pregnant, pressed her growing belly up the glass and Rajang responded by kissing it through the glass.

Although it's not fully clear if Rajang's action really had the level of significance we would like to attribute to it, it is worth noting that after the camera was off, Clarke pressed his belly up to the glass and got no reaction at all. Keepers describe the 47-year-old ape as being popular because he often interacts with them in ways that are truly unique to only him.
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