This Performance Flattens Out San Francisco's Famous Hills In An Unexpected Way

Jun 14, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Viral video artist Karen X. Cheng, is most famous for her "I learned to dance in a year" timelapse video, but she and her filmmaker friend, Ross Ching, might have come up with an even better gimmick this time around. After seeing some photos by Dan Ng, where Ng tilted the camera to create some great optical illusions, Ching suggested they try the same but in a video format. Ng's work featured several steep streets and, being California natives, the two artists decided to take to some of the steepest city streets in America, in the city Cheng calls home. They spent the week prior to filming in San Francisco combing the city for the best spots to film with the steepest inclines.

Cheng notes on her YouTube channel that the hardest part for the creators was coming up with the ideas that highlighted the illusion. There are four locations featured in the work, Potrero Hill on 22nd Street, Nob Hill on Taylor Street, Dolores Heights on Hill Street and Alamo Square.
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