This Pro Surfer Is Just Waiting His Turn When A Shark Attacks Him On Live TV

Jul 20, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Mick Fanning is a 34-year-old Australian pro surfer and a three time world champion who was looking to defend his title at the World Surf League (WSL) competition in Jeffreys Bay in South Africa when he got a close encounter he'll never forget. As Fanning sits waiting on his surfboard on live TV, a shark fin suddenly appears behind him. We see him get knocked off his board and then there's some general trashing in the water. Finally after what seems like eons, Fanning pops back up and is helped onto a lifeguard boat - miraculously uninjured!

Apparently, he was able to punch the shark in the back before it had a chance to get any friendlier with him, scaring it away. Make no mistake about it, Fanning's quick thinking definitely helped prevent what could have been a tragedy and many are commending him for his bravery. Neither he nor shark experts think there was any malice behind the attack and the shark was most likely just curious and taking an exploratory nip, which is one way that sharks get a sense of their potential prey. The WSL cancelled the tournament in the aftermath of these events.
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