This School Cafeteria Is Getting A Serving Of Opera Along With The Spaghetti Today

Jun 16, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Flash mobs have evolved from their origins as a loose, pointless act by a large group of people into some incredibly polished performances in places you'd never think of seeing them. Whether it's churchgoers boosting the numbers at an ordinarily quiet church, or the incredible "Sound of Music" performance put on in Antwerp, Belgium, flash mobs do a fantastic job of bringing smiles to everyone's day.

Sacla', an Italian food company, decided to spice things up for a cafeteria full of schoolchildren with a flash mob of their own. Not only did the kids get a delicious, fresh-cooked meal, they got an unexpected bit of culture and entertainment. Is that chef really a chef? Watch and find out.
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