This Scooter Solves Problems Of Some Of The World's Biggest Cities

Jun 12, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
The new Smartscooter, designed by Gogoro, will be released this summer in two cities in Taiwan. Both Taipei City and New Taipei City will see the special Gogoro Energy Network GoStations appear, and eventually the scooters. In the immensely dense cities of Southeast Asia, scooters have become commonplace due to their ability to maneuver in traffic, to park in tight spaces and minimally impact the environment.

There are currently no pricing details on the scooters or the cost for owners to switch out the batteries. Charging at home will not be an option for this model, so that will certainly need to be factored in for those looking at the product. Gogoro has also not released additional launch markets for the scooter, but the details on the Taiwan launches have been made public.
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