This Sleepy Toddler Shows The Perfect Place For A Nap

Jun 17, 2015 By Mary Madsen
We've all experienced this before, though most people stop short of actually falling asleep in the store. Luckily, for kids, they get a pass on these social conventions. Children need sleep, and lots of it, to be the happy kids we all want to encounter.

At birth, infants require at least 16 hours of beauty rest a day. Unfortunately, there's no set schedule to their snoozing, and most will wake every few hours. By 6 months, though, eleven hours at night and a couple two-hour naps each day are enough to refuel their energy supply.

This tired little boy needs just under 14 hours (like most toddlers), made up of an afternoon nap and regular nighttime sleep. While the morning nap might be gone by this age, many kids will take a siesta until age 5 or beyond.
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