This Throwback Ford Ad Will Make You Feel Like You Are In The '60s Again

Jun 10, 2015 By Houston Barber
No, this isn't a scene from "Mad Men." This recently rediscovered Ford commercial originally aired in 1960 and is transporting many back in time to the glory days of television commercials. Ford had a big year in 1960, debuting three brand new cars in honor of the turn of the decade. The Galaxie, the Thunderbird and the Falcon all hit the street in the same year and caused quite the stir in the automotive industry.

Of the three cars debuted in this ad, the most successful, by far, was the Ford Thunderbird, which was produced in North America up until 2005. Both the Galaxie and the Falcon stopped being produced by 1980. Nevertheless, this glamorous ad makes me want to buy all three of these cars right now.
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