This Trick Is Too Incredible To Watch Just Once

Jul 7, 2015 By Houston Barber
It's not too uncommon to see a jump off a swing set or maybe a few tricks on a playground, but it's not too often that you see someone do a flip over their own house. That's exactly what professional stuntman Damien Walters recently did, filmed in one take by his own camera crew. Walters said he was inspired by arguments he used to have as a kid over who could jump the highest off a swing. Looks like he won.

Before his career as a stuntman, Walters was a competitive gymnast for the United Kingdom. He participated in four Trampoline World Championships and in 2003 he helped lead England to the title. After he retired from gymnastics he found work as a stunt double in a number of major action films including Hellboy, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain America.
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