This Vendor Makes Turkish Coffee Using A Pot Of Sand

May 9, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Turkish coffee is made in a small copper pot called a cezve, in which water is heated over medium heat. Coffee is ground into the finest powder (much finer than home coffee mills) and added, along with any sugar, to the hot water. After a quick stir, it's brought to a boil, so as to form a thick foam or cream on top. This foam is poured into a cup, and the coffee is similarly foamed a few more times before serving. Good Turkish coffee is decadently foamy.

In this video from a coffee stall, sand in a heated pot is used to help insulate the pots from extreme heat and more evenly regulate temperature. Although it looks like the coffee appears magically from the sand, it's just the thick, boiling foam rising up as the pot is submerged closer to direct heat.
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