This Water Slide Is The Best Summer Getaway

Jun 21, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
The BSR Cable Park is a water park located in Waco, Texas. It's also, apparently, the site of my next summer vacation because it's got one of the coolest, most epic water slides I have ever seen. This video, which was produced by Round III Media, showcases one of the park's most famous slides - The Royal Flush. Featuring three slides that all have a high-flying ramp at the end, this ride is definitely worth the $15 pass.

This particular video was filmed on a closed park, and all of the participants were there on an invite-only basis. The park owner was there too (of course), and can be seen doing some impressive flips at around the 1:23 mark. Besides The Royal Flush, BSR Cable Park also features wakeboarding lessons, an RV park, cabins, a lake and the world's longest lazy river.
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