This Wrestler's Story Brought A Middle School Assembly To Tears

Mar 10, 2015

Middle school students are not the easiest to motivate or inspire, but former WWE Wrestling Champion Marc Mero, is able to do so in less than five minutes. In fact, he brings many of them to tears with his moving story and message regarding his experiences with his own mother, her passing and his regrets in their relationship.

After his parents divorced when he was eight, Mero grew up with his siblings in a poor section of New York. His mother worked two jobs to give the family all they needed and was very encouraging. Early on, Mero narrowed his sights on athletics where he has earned accolades in multiple sports like hockey, football, boxing and eventually, professional wrestling.

Mero's focus is on inspiring children with his business, Champion of Choices, Inc. The mission of the organization is to "empower students to make healthy and positive choices that lead to lifelong success."

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