To The Beard And Back, A Time-Lapse Look At One Man's Face

Aug 1, 2015 By Mary Madsen
Nowadays, the beard is big, and I don't just mean literally. In the last few years, growing a full bushy beard has become popular again. This impressive style of facial hair spurred self-described "digital creative" Peter Simon to create a YouTube series called "Dear Beard."

This video is the latest in string of stop-motion odes to his favored style of facial hair. It all started with a visit from Simon's friend Tom Offer-Westort, who appears in this short. When Offer-Westort showed up with a face and head overflowing with mountain-man scruff, Simon thought it would be fun to capture the transformation to bald on camera. He then reversed it, gave it the stop-motion treatment and "Dear Beard" was born.
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