Toddler Says What We're All Thinking About Sloppy Joes.

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Kids make up all kinds of excuses for not eating their food, saying that it's either too mushy, too smelly or too green for their refined palates. Not to worry, because parents have their own arsenal of comebacks to talk kids into eating all the things they don't want. Broccoli? Why those are just tiny trees! Creamed corn? That's an airplane flying right towards your mouth! When all else fails, parents can play the ultimate trump card by promising dessert in exchange for a clean plate. 

This mom wasn't expecting any opposition from her son when she served him a sloppy joe and potato chips, but Decklyn gave her a hilarious reason as to why he couldn't eat his dinner. Upon seeing the brown sandwich, this little boy pointed out that it resembled something that ... well ... doesn't belong on the dinner table. It's nothing personal against mom's cooking, Decklyn is just finally putting into words what we've all noticed about sloppy joes but have been too afraid to say. 

Should a sloppy joe's appearance stop us from eating them, even if they taste good? Decklyn thinks so, but you can decide that for yourself. One thing, however, is certain: Decklyn's parents should be careful about taking him to any fancy restaurants in the near future. The last thing you'd want to hear after paying $50 for a five-star meal is a little kid telling you that your food looks just like something you'd find in the bathroom.