Tourists Explore A Giant, Human-Powered Amusement Park

Apr 11, 2015
Now here's something you don't see every day. A family restaurant named Ai Pioppi, near the city of Treviso in Northern Italy, is using something incredibly original to drum up business: a homemade human-powered amusement park. Bruno, the restaurant owner, constructed the park over the past 40 years. Though he is now in his late 70s, Bruno welded the entire park himself after learning the craft in the 1960s.

All of the attractions in the amusement park are kinetic, powered by the movement of the people on the rides. Visitors have to run, pedal, push and slide their own way to fun, which may very well be the park's greatest attraction. It's safe to say that though it is meant to draw attention to the restaurant, the human playground may have eclipsed its original intended purpose, as it has now become quite the tourist attraction.
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