Try Not To Be Hypnotized By This Artist's Experimental Animation

Jun 11, 2015 By Houston Barber
Ben Ridgway is a professor at San Francisco State University, but in his free time he likes to make mind-bending animations. His latest work, titled "Inner Space Artifacts," has received tons of critical acclaim and has been featured in short film festivals across the world. Ridgway describes his latest short film as "a journey of deep excavation into the world of abstract ideas." The artist ascribes his work to the genre of experimental animation, a relatively new art form that has begun to receive a lot of attention in recent years.

Though the art form is new, Ben Ridgway has made waves in the field and has been featured in Vice Magazine as well as many art and film publications. On his website, Ridgway claims to be highly influenced by H.R. Giger. The dark and hypnotic elements of Ridgway's work make that influence clear. If you are a fan of Ben Ridgway's latest film, make sure to view his other work and stay amazed for days.
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