Two Men At The Beach Are Having A Hard Time Figuring Out How Frisbees Work.

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The Frisbee has been around for decades, but not everyone has mastered the art of throwing the disc, yet. While you can perform all kinds of tosses with the toy, there are two basic techniques.

The backhand is the easiest and most common throw. Grab the disc with four fingers in the cup and thumb on top (using your primary hand), stand up straight and twist to the opposite side. When you toss, untwist in one steady motion, throwing the Frisbee with a snap of the wrist.

Forehand, or flick, uses little energy and can be thrown quickly. Place your pointer and middle finger under the disc and thumb on top. Then, throw like you would if you were trying to skip a rock. Again, flicking your wrist is key to a successful forehand throw.