Universal Connectedness As Described By Joseph Campbell

Oct 11, 2015 By Jake Brannon

This video may only be two minutes long, but it'll leave you with plenty of big ideas to think about. Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist and philosopher, discusses the thoughts of Arthur Schopenhauer, another famous philosopher who lived in Germany during the 18th and 19th centuries. Campbell's work often compared mythologies and religions from around the world, so it's no wonder he connects Schopenhauer's thoughts to the metaphor of "Indra's Net."

Summarizing what Joseph Campbell is trying to say would be impossible without writing far too much. Instead, take in his words and think about what they mean for you and your life. If you enjoy this sample of Joseph Campbell's thoughts on existence and find yourself wanting more, this audio clip is from the documentary The Power of Myth, a six-part series of interviews with the late mythologist.

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