Using An Old Etch A Sketch, This Artist Can Create Beautiful Portraits In Just Two Minutes

Jul 2, 2015 By Houston Barber
A true artist will tell you that there is no limit to what can be turned into art. Whether it's a blank canvas or a Campbell's soup can, art can be found anywhere. This has never been more true than for portrait artist Christoph Brown who has made a name for himself recently by drawing stunning portraits of everyday people using just an old Etch A Sketch.

Christoph refers to himself as The Amazing Etch Man, and claims to be "the world's fastest etch a sketch artist." His incredibly detailed work along with the speed at which he does it has led him to be featured in the USA Today and many local news stations. According to his website, Christoph developed his unusual talent after he picked up an Etch A Sketch left behind in a Los Angeles coffee shop. Today he performs in art galleries and conventions across the globe.
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