Using Math To Build A Car Sparks Student Learning

Jan 1, 2015
Teachers have said for decades that if they could just "get students interested", then the students could learn anything. The heart of that argument lies in engagement, which simply means that students are engrossed in what is being learned. It's a proven fact that students who are engaged are more likely to learn and remember new information.

One method of engagement is giving students real-world problems, or examples of how this new information might be used out in the real world. This video by Edutopia features an amazing example of this concept.

Kathryn is a 14-year-old girl who has always struggled with math. At 12, she purchased a car for $450 with hopes of rebuilding it and then driving it at 16. For the last two years, Kathryn has finally seen where math fits in real life and understands "why" she must learn it. She also applies her communication skills in an online forum.
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