Watch A Little Bat Eat A Banana As Big As His Head

Feb 27, 2015
Early on Tuesday, the video of this adorable little guy popped up on a Facebook fan page called "Batzilla The Bat." The owner of this page describes his interactions with a variety of bats in Queensland, Australia, sharing that this little male bat was quite feisty until the banana arrived.

Australia is home to several species of bat, even ones unique to the country. In the northeastern state of Queensland, flying foxes are one of the most common groups with four different species in the area. These species of bats often orphan their young. From October to February, this occurs so often that conservationists now refer to this time as the "orphan season." Many of the orphaned bats need nurturing until they are old enough to live on their own. The caregivers are required by law to meet certain specifications, like vaccinations, before they can bring these little ones into their homes.
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