Watch These Daredevils Conquer Winter Elements At High Speeds

Apr 1, 2015
Finnish extreme sports team StuntFreaksTeam is at it again with their latest video. This time they are showing viewers that they can conquer any winter element with almost any type of motor vehicle, all the while drifting on ice. Drifting simply means that a motor vehicle continues to move forward (typically around a turn) even though its rear wheels have lost traction with the surface and the car "drifts" through the turn.

StuntFreaksTeam originated in Finland with a nine-person team, each one of them being rated at the top of their sport (e.g. Motocross, professional stuntman, etc.). The company has branched out with additional teams across Europe, but has stuck to the original nine-person concept. The teams do stunt shows across Finland and compete in competitions in Europe. They spend much of their additional time training and shooting extreme lifestyle videos.
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