Watch This Jubilant 2-Year-Old "Shake It Off"

Jan 19, 2015
Taylor Swift can claim the two-year-old demographic, because this little girl is definitely grooving to Swift's hit single, "Shake It Off." Mike Smith caught his daughter in action and, luckily, he uploaded it to his YouTube channel for the world to enjoy.

With over 600,000 views since January 11th, this little one has taken even Swift's popularity to a new level. Arguably, this mini-mite may not know all the words, but she certainly knows the beat and when the song picks up.

She also knows when Swift holds notes for longer than a beat and, convincingly, "sings along" while oozing cuteness. Swift's album, 1989, was released on August 18, 2014 and "Shake It Off," the lead single, was released on the same day. Her video was also released that day. The song and album have already received awards and are up for multiple Grammy Awards.
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