Watch This Seal Snuggle Up To A New Buddy On The Beach

Jan 23, 2015
It was just another day with family at the Le Cap Ferret beach, when YouTube user Elise Frebourg filmed something so adorable that it's become an internet sensation. At first, a seal was just chilling on the beach, when some people approach it and give the little guy some love.

All of sudden, the seal, christened with the name "You" by locals, spies a golden lab lounging nearby, and it's love at first sight. Then there's an extraordinary moment when the seal snuggles up with the dog, resting its nose on the dog's back, patting the pup with a flipper and nuzzling up to the lab with his nose. It's easy to see how these unlikely friends have captured animal lover's hearts with this heartwarming scene.
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