Watch What Happens When Some Of The Biggest Superheroes Face Off On The Field.

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What if the best action movie heroes got together with the best comic book and video game heroes and formed a sports team? That's exactly what parkour athlete and professional stuntman Ronnie Shalvis wanted to find out when he built his "superhero soccer team."

Shalvis and friends use their own bodies and a multitude of special effects to show awesome physical feats on the field. The special effects were created by Dark Pixel Digital and Four 32 Productions. Regardless of how this was done, it certainly proved that Jedis are clearly the best goalies.

The video was posted on the Ronnie Street Stunts YouTube channel, which is where Shalvis aims to post his stunt videos and other videos featuring characters. It's clear that these parkour and freerunning athletes really like to have fun, and are a bit more creative than most when doing so.