Weird Al Joins Kids With Autism For A Moving Performance On "Night Of Too Many Stars"

Mar 14, 2015
Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" is an annual, televised autism fundraiser. As the name suggests, the show features some of entertainment's biggest stars doing their part for a great cause. This year, Al Yankovic got the chance of a lifetime: singing a duet with the one and only Jodi DiPiazza.

13-year-old Jodi has autism, but has always used music as a way to express herself. She became an internet sensation when she joined singer Katy Perry on stage for a soul-stirring rendition of Perry's "Firework" at the same event two years ago. She hopes to show that people with autism shouldn't be written off, because they can also achieve greatness as long as they are given a chance to realize their potential.
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