What Image Comes To Mind When You Hear This Hummingbird Snore?

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There are over 300 species of hummingbirds that inhabit the western hemisphere. The birds are known for their tiny stature and lightning-fast wings. It's hard to consider that these birds will stop for anything. But, like most species, the hummingbird sleeps at night, entering a state called torpor. It is especially hard for hummingbirds to wake from this state since it slows their heart rate.

A scientist in Peru happened upon a hummingbird resting in this state and was astonished. He discovered that hummingbirds actually "snore," which happens to be their way of awakening themselves from such a deep sleep. The strange "snore" coming from this hummingbird is absolutely perfect.

We think that it sounds like a cartoon cannonball falling from the sky. Share what image came to your mind in the comments below.