What This Guy Can Do With Playing Cards Is Absolutely Hypnotic.

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Zach Mueller is a world-renowned cardist and magician from Los Angeles. Cardistry is an art form that features the conscious manipulation of playing cards, sometimes referred to as card flourishing. Although his sleight of hand is part of his legacy, he greatly impacted his field with the introduction of his own brand of playing cards, called the Fontaine deck.

In 2013, he launched a crowdfunding effort for his initial deck, the red Fontaine deck, that reached its goal in less than 24 hours. Less than a year later, he launched another effort for a blue deck, and this campaign was also funded quickly - up to 300 percent.

Cardists from all over the world use his decks, and the red deck has actually become a collector's edition (as only 2,500 decks were made compared to the massively produced blue at 15,000 decks). Mueller then moved to creating his own website, which features multiple cardistry how-to videos, including his latest release where he shows off his "black belt" cardistry skills.