What Would You Do If You Heard This While Camping?

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Imagine for a moment that you’re camping. It’s dark, you’re in your tent, and just as you snuggle into your sleeping bag, a sound comes from outside. Not a rustling. Not movement. Just a blood-curdling scream. It sounds like someone in pain screaming for help. It’s the stuff of horror movies. Only, it isn’t. It’s just a mountain lion trying to get a date. 

Although it sounds like something out of an old horror movie, the mountain lion’s scream is part of its mating ritual. The piercing scream is used to attract a mate, and to scare off rival mountain lions who might be competing for their mate’s affections. If you’re looking for a scream to use in your haunted house this year, consider using the mountain lion's. And if you’re camping and hear screaming in the woods, don’t investigate. In the best case scenario, it might be a mountain lion looking for love, and you don't want to interrupt that.