When A Boy Found Out He Might Not Live Until Christmas, His Town Came Together To Bring Santa Early.

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Seven-year-old Evan Leversage is living with a terminal illness. The small child has fought valiantly but his parents are worried that this may be his last Christmas. So his parents decided they would celebrate Christmas early to make sure they would have one last holiday to spend with Evan. But when the family’s plan became known to the rest of the town, a true Christmas miracle happened. 

Evan’s town of St. George, Ontario embraced the idea of Christmas in October and pretty soon lights and decorations popped up everywhere. Then Evan’s story spread further and people from all over the world got into the Christmas spirit a month early in support. Spongebob Squarepants sent Evan a personalized Christmas message and members of the surrounding communities worked together to throw a Christmas parade. The kindness of all these people has helped alleviate the pain of Evan’s family through this unimaginably difficult time. To hear more about Evan’s story and ways to help, you can find information here.