When A Man Feeds A Stray Dog, He Gets More Than He Bargained For

May 24, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Banks all over the world rely on people to invest their money with them. Generally, when you open a long-term savings account with a bank, you get interest on the amount deposited every year. This is because banks use money in savings accounts to make investments that result in profits for both the bank and the client. These are typically very safe, long-term investments with a steady return rate over time and minimal risk of loss.

As a result, banks are always trying to find ways to encourage more people to invest with them. The Kiatnakin Bank of Thailand recently tried to drum up business with this touching ad, where a man kindly feeds a dog. In return, the dog secretly does various favors for him. In the end, he received the greatest return on his investment.
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