When Confronted With A Racist Customer, The Store Owner Does Something That Changes A Man's Life

Jan 3, 2015 By Mary Madsen

It's 2016 and homelessness is still an issue. Not only is there the lack of shelter itself, there's a huge stigma that plagues people who find themselves living on the street. Horrible stereotypes paint them as lazy or addicts, when that is usually simply not the truth. It's impossible to forget the very recent economic crisis. The foreclosure crisis and huge layoffs put people out on the streets who never saw it coming. Along with a lack of affordable housing, many people, even those who have been able to find work, simply can not find a place they can afford. Veterans, often plagued by PTSD or lack of experience in the private sector, end up homeless in huge numbers. So, next time you see someone on the streets, see how you can help, not judge.

Via: Hrtwarming

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