Who Knew That Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Could Calm A Crying Baby?

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Parents of 6-month-olds are often overwhelmed and sleep deprived. Little Rosie's mom, Erica Blank, told Yahoo Parenting that Rosie was out of sorts and fussy that afternoon because it was right before her nap.

With Rosie overtired and unable to be consoled by either parent, stay-at-home-mom Blank asked her husband Jon to turn on Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." Apparently mom and baby watch YouTube music videos during the day, so when little Rosie turns her head as the music starts, her mom believes she was looking for Taylor.

Rosie is also known to get upset when she has to ride in her rear-facing car seat, but when her parents turn on Swift's "Shake It Off" or any other of her hits, Rosie is immediately content. Swift tweeted that the video was the best thing she had ever seen to her 54 million followers and included the link to her young fan's already viral video.