Why It's So Easy To Miss Things That Happen Right Before Your Eyes

Mar 21, 2015
Seeing is believing, or is it? As this video shows, our eyes (or rather, our brains) are much easier to deceive than we think they are. Inattentional blindness can happen to anyone, regardless of cognitive health. It helps us stay focused on something and ignore distractions, which can be great... but it can also lead us to be inaccurate witnesses.

One famous study on this had participants watch footage of two teams in opposing colors playing basketball. Then they were asked to count the passes between one team. As participants were counting the passes, someone wearing a gorilla suit walked across the frame, stopped and beat his or her chest before walking off. Roughly 50 percent of participants failed to see the gorilla at all. So remember, there's a big difference between seeing and being alert.
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