Why Overthinking May Be Slowing You Down

Apr 14, 2015
In a new study, overthinking has been shown to slow down learning. DNews takes a closer look at what might cause this to happen in the brain. It is also worth exploring what might help to stop this from happening. With technology improving each day, data is being collected at a faster rate than ever before. But, more research needs to be done in order to fully understand the brain's processes.

So, how can someone prevent overthinking? First, a person needs to trust their gut. There are unconscious decisions that, through consciousness, humans can "check" the answer. Many times, the immediate answer is the one that the learner should stick with, unless there is an extensive recall of information that changes the learner's mind. Second, the learner needs to pace themselves. If he/she has spent more than a few minutes on a single issue, a decision needs to be made and the learner needs to move forward.
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