Why Sierra Leone's Top Sprinter Is Living Homeless And Alone In London

Mar 12, 2015
Shortly following the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, a top sprinter from Sierra Leone went missing. The location of Jimmy Thoronka, 20, remained a mystery until last week, when he was found living illegally on the streets of London, as reported by "The Guardian."

After the segment aired, Thoronka was detained by police and eventually arrested for overstaying his visa. He applied for asylum and has been released into Home Office accommodation, which means he will have government housing until his application is processed. Unfortunately, asylum may not be the answer since it applies only to those in fear of persecution in their home countries.

The story has garnered much online support for the young sprinter. A petition appealing to lawmakers to allow him to stay in the U.K. and a GoFundMe account to help him monetarily have been started.
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