Widower Cares For Wife's Poinsettia After Her Death.

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For some couples, "Till death do us part" doesn't mean they'll ever stop loving each other. Even though one of them has passed away, their surviving partner continues to show them love and affection. 

When Frankie Allison's wife passed away in 1996, it couldn't have come as more of a surprise. In a matter of seconds, a heart attack stole the love of his life, but not without leaving him something to remember her by.

In addition to the fond memories of their time together, Maxine left behind a poinsettia that she'd won three days earlier in a radio contest. Not knowing what else to do, Frankie began taking care of the poinsettia.

He didn’t expect the plant to survive for more than a few months inside their Nova Scotian home, but what happened next has even left plant experts in disbelief. Maxine’s poinsettia thrived. Not for a few months, or even a few years. No, her plant has stayed alive for an impressive 19 years, growing to weigh 100 pounds in the process.

Frankie nurtures the poinsettia to this day, the beautiful plant serving as a testament to the fact that their love is still growing after all these years.