With This New Pancake Printer, Art Has Never Tasted So Good

May 12, 2015 By Serena Hayes
Breakfast just got more entertaining. Unless you are a culinary master, making pancakes in intricate designs and shapes can be difficult. This new breakfast cyborg will win big points with your family. The PancakeBot is a combination of an electric griddle and a batter dispenser. Once you install the user-friendly software on your computer, the PancakeBot will do the rest. Your morning meal will be an uplifting moment as you watch your favorite sports car, superhero or landmark print onto a hot griddle.

Civil Engineer Miguel Valenzuela and his daughters originally started this DIY project with Legos and a ketchup bottle. Now that PancakeBot has traveled everywhere from Paris to the White House, Valenzuela has launched a Kickstarter campaign where early-bird supporters can buy it at a discounted price before it hits the stores. 3-D printing has never been more delicious.
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