Witness The Setting Of A World Record For Bike Speed On Snow

Apr 10, 2015
On March 28, in Vars, France, Eric Barone set the world record for speed by bike on the steepest snow track. The maximum speed reached was 138.75 mph (223.30 kph) as he barreled down the hill. Barone is a French athlete, also known as "Le Baron Rouge" since he sports a red speed suit. He continues to work as a stuntman in the movie industry and he rode his first mountain bike in 1994.

After he won a couple of races, he started taking on larger titles and the winning continued. He initially broke the speed record in 2000 with a speed of 137.9 mph (222.2 kph). In 2002, another attempt was made and Barone had a horrible crash. After that, he did not ride for eight years. In 2014, he decided to make another attempt. After much training, he didn't break the record but he was "back." With his team and a new bike, he was well prepared for this attempt in March. Looks like all of that preparation paid off.
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