Would You Pay $6 To Ride This Premium, WiFi-Enabled Bus?

Apr 6, 2015
Hailing a cab in San Francisco used to be considered next to impossible. That need is what fueled the success of transportation startups like Uber and Lyft. The next area of innovation in transport is now coming to the good ol' bus system. You see, public transit in San Francisco doesn't have the best reputation these days.

The bus, in particular, is seen as unreliable and unclean. That's why Leap has created a new, private bus service that they say is "more like a living room than a bus." A ride costs $6, though that price can be reduced by buying in bulk. On board, passengers will find outlets for phones, WiFi connectivity and even organic local snacks and beverages (for purchase). Currently, Leap has one route with eight stops.
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