You Won't Think Golf Is Boring After Seeing These Impressive Trick Shots.

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As always, the guys at Dude Perfect come through with amazing trick shots, and, this time, the sport of choice is golf. On hand to provide his impressive long-ball skills is Jamie Sadlowski, two-time winner of the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

Born and raised in Canada, Sadlowski got his start as a junior hockey player, and that athleticism has carried over into his powerful golf swing. He has made the Re/Max finals for eight consecutive years and is most known for that athletic swing, as well as for the golf ball's speed upon impact.

Sadlowski is naturally left-handed and plays well with the club on that side, but his best performances are when he drives right-handed. Sponsored by Callaway Golf, he is pure power with the long drives, having an average of 405 yards per drive and a personal best of 445 yards.