Young Boy Eats Entire Watermelon At Cricket Match, Rind And All

Jan 4, 2016 By Michael W. Pirrone

Every once in a while you bump into someone who doesn’t like watermelon. Who knows why? Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s too sweet for them, maybe they just hate spitting seeds. For the rest of us, watermelon is that perfectly refreshing, perfectly sweet summer treat. It’s like a food and a beverage wrapped up together. What could be better?

Well, the format leaves a little to be desired. On average a watermelon weighs about 20 pounds and comes encased in a rind that resembles a bike helmet in both thickness and durability. Carving it up means you’re going to need to eat it quickly, before the sugars start to react with the air and the fruit basically starts to dissolve. But even if you have a small variety, you’ve got to dice it up into wedges, cubes or sticks before you take it with you, right? Apparently not, at least according to the boy in this video. With nothing more than two hands and a mouth he works his way through nearly an entire melon, rind and all, before the video finishes. Seem crazy? Not so. Every part of a watermelon is edible, from the rind to the seeds. In fact, there are tons of nutrients you’re missing out on by tossing those white and green parts into the compost pile. The white part isn’t as sweet but actually tastes a bit like cucumber. Unsurprisingly, it’s actually a popular thing to pickle in some parts of the world.

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