Young Boy Shows Heartfelt Solidarity For Friend.

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Six-year-old Zac Gossage was at a friend's party back in June 2013 when he complained of pain in his legs and looked "as white as a ghost." His mom took him to urgent care where his blood was taken, and then he was rushed immediately via ambulance to a St. Louis hospital.

It was there that the family received the initial diagnosis -- Zac had cancer. When Zac headed to first grade in August, he didn't want anyone to know. But when he started to lose his hair, he made the decision to tell his friends. A note home to parents and a talk with the class is all it took for Zac to receive all the support in the world.

Vincent Butterfield, Zac's best friend, knew he had to help. This clip shows that true friendship comes in any size and at any age. Zac, now a second-grader, is currently in remission according to the St. Baldrick's Foundation website, where his story is featured.