Young Man Sets A New World Record With A Lightning-Fast Rubik's Cube Solve

May 2, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
The Rubik's Cube is not exactly the easiest puzzle to solve, particularly if you aren't the most patient person in the universe. If you have experienced that same type of trouble solving the tricky little puzzle as many others, then you will definitely appreciate the skill possessed by this young man.

Teenager Collin Burns just broke the world record for the fastest completion of the Rubik's Cube, in only 5.25 seconds. He was 0.30 seconds faster at solving the puzzle than the previous record holder, Mats Valk. Burns broke the record using a 3x3 cube, at the World Cube Association in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Previously the national speedcubing champion, Burns is just adding another achievement to his list.
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