10 Alternative Uses For Listerine

Every properly stocked medicine cabinet needs a bottle of mouthwash. Dentists recommend adopting a mouthwash, such as Listerine, into your daily routine to keep your mouth germ-free and minty fresh. Little did I know that Listerine can do a whole lot more than just freshen your breath. In fact, Listerine wasn’t even marketed as a solution to bad breath until the 1970’s! So what else can this little blue liquid do?

According to Krazy Coupon Lady, the makers of Listerine originally developed the product as a surgical antiseptic in 1879. Packed with a myriad of powerful ingredients, Listerine can help get rid of dandruff, acne, and even fleas!

Check out these 10 surprising alternative uses for everyone’s favorite mouthwash.


Listerine is sold as a powerful dental hygienic tool, but it's much more versatile than that. The thyme, eucalyptus, and alcohol contained in each bottle are a magical blend that can be utilized in all sorts of creative ways.

1. Underarm Deodorant


Mouthwash is fantastic for getting rid of stinky breath, but it can kill other odors, too. If you ever find yourself running low on deodorant, dab some Listerine under your arms with a cotton ball to fight off body odor.

2. Refreshing Foot Bath

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A 30-minute soak in Listerine and white vinegar can rid your feet of toenail fungus. Rinse, scrub, and repeat once or twice a day and you should see the infection clear right up.


3. Clean Toilet Bowls

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Nobody likes lingering toilet odors. In a pinch, you can clean your toilet by pouring in a little mouthwash. Scrub with your toilet brush for a minty-fresh bowl.

4. Put A Stop To Itching


Are mosquitoes giving you a hard time? Is poison ivy ruining your skin? Grab some mouthwash. Dabbing some Listerine on bug bites and other infected areas on your skin can help relieve the itching sensation. 

5. Banish Dandruff


You're probably hesitant to splash a blue liquid on your hair, but don't be. At one time, Listerine was marketed as a dandruff remedy. If your head needs some relief, try massaging some Listerine into your scalp. Wrap your hair up in a towel and let it work its magic, then rinse it out. Bye, bye, dandruff!

6. Fight Fleas


Between the food, toys, and flea medications, we end up spending a lot of money on our precious pups. For a cheaper and more gentle solution to fleas, dilute some Listerine with water or mix it with some shampoo and rub it on your dog. This will help Fido fight off those pesky fleas without using harsh chemicals.

7. Fight Acne


Did you know Listerine can also fight acne? It's true. Don't blow your budget on expensive acne treatments when you can apply Listerine morning and night instead.


8. Toothbrush Cleanser


You might have seen mouthwash and toothbrushes sold together already - they're kinda the perfect pair! Not only can Listerine kill the bacteria in your mouth, it can kill any bacteria lingering on your toothbrush. Soak your toothbrush in Listerine for a few hours to keep it fresh and germ-free.

9. Clean Your Screens


Computers and TVs can be a pain to keep clean. Spray some Listerine onto a soft cloth and be free from annoying smudges on your screen.

10. Freshen Up The Trash Can

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Trash cans produce terrible odors, and some odor-fighting garbage bags are just as stinky. Toss a Listerine-soaked paper towel into the bottom of your bin to keep your kitchen smelling minty fresh!

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