10 Apps That Will Help You Get Things Done Faster And More Efficiently

Mar 31, 2015

The Internet age is upon us, and with the Internet comes more advances in technology. With more advances in technology comes more software. The App Store and Google Play are just exploding with new apps every day for everyone to try. Some are pointless, but some are real lifesavers.

Here are just 10 of those lifesaving apps that you should definitely have.

Citymapper: This app is great if you're big on traveling. It maps out some of the biggest cities in both the U.S. and Europe, making it much less likely to get lost in the masses. It provides real-time data on the best transit routes to get you where you need to go, and it’s useful both online and off.

CityMapper Limited 

Flipboard: A one-stop shop for those who like to stay informed. Flipboard lets you choose the topics that interest you the most and fashion into your own personal magazine.

Flipboard, Inc.


Flush Toilet Finder: As goofy as it sounds, this app is fantastic when you’re on the go and you have to go. It has listings for over 100,000 public restrooms worldwide. How’s that for convenient?


Google Now: Google Now is a fresh alternative to Siri, allowing you to search anything from recipes to roadmaps. "Ok, Google" is all it needs to hear to get to work. Use Google Now to keep track of all your personal tasks, help you get to where you’re going and keep your life in order.


Pocket: This might be the best way to save your bookmarks. Pocket allows users to save, tag and organize bookmarks, as well as read them offline. It's usable both as an app and online, and it syncs across all of your devices.

Read It Later, Inc.

Shazam: Music lovers everywhere adore Shazam. Have you ever been in the car listening to something awesome on the radio but you have no idea what the song is? Shazam takes care of that. All you have to do is turn on the mic and let Shazam hear a bit of the song, and it will pull up everything you need to know about the track. It's a much better method than trying to memorize a line of lyrics until you make it home.

Shazam Entertainment


Sunrise: Sunrise isn't just the average calendar app. It syncs with Google, Microsoft Exchange and iCloud, and it is incredibly easy to use. It can also add events from your social media outlets like LinkedIn and Facebook straight to your calendar. Keep all your dates in order with Sunrise.

Sunrise Atelier

Venmo: Here's a great way to handle money transactions right from your smartphone. Venmo lets you securely link your bank account and send money to your friends in an instant. The app also lets you request payments, which could prove useful for that one friend who still owes you 20 bucks from last month.


Waze: This app will really save time when you're out driving. Waze pulls traffic data and other road conditions to let you know ahead of time while you're on the road. Stuck in traffic? Waze helps you find alternate routes to get you where you need to go without wasting any more time.

Waze, Inc.

Yelp: Keep Yelp nearby when you're planning a night out and need to find the perfect restaurant. The app keeps tabs on all the restaurants in your area, their location, hours and even their menu.


Credit: Mashable

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